NJ Advantages

The following are the reasons, which we believe enable NJ Wealth offer added advantage to associated NJ Partners and their customers.
  1. Strong lineage and commitment to the business

    Since its birth in 1994, NJ Group has grown into a diversified business group in the last 21 years. The business of financial products distribution is the flagship business of the group and it remains at the heart of NJ Group. The management and team at NJ share a very strong vision for the business and are commited to further strengthen and expand. NJ Wealth also gets complemented and benefited with the growing presence of NJ Group in other businesses.

  2. Customer Centric Approach

    The work culture of NJ Wealth is geared towards helping customers win with solutions covering all critical areas of success. Be it NJ Wealth Partners or their customers, NJ's continuous focus has been to design, deliver and enrich our value-proposition in areas of product & service offerings, operational excellence, service quality, technology, governance and more. The business and wealth management ideas and strategies propogated at NJ are also centered around sound, proven principles that serve the best interests of the customers. With the continued trust of our customers, we are confident to steadfastly maintain the course of building strong customer relationships and experience.

  3. Effective use of technology

    At NJ we have constantly tried to see technology as an enabler to meaningfully deliver the most critical and relevant needs first. With our rich experience, understanding and an in-house team we have custom built our entire platform to match customer needs. Our integrated technology setup covers a gamut of business areas including customer offerings like online desks to the critical operations processes and all important areas of business management. NJ also has adapted global standards and best practices in information security, customer privacy and network, infrastructure management. The effective use of technology has helped us to manage the business growth and deliver solutions in a reliable, effective and secured fashion.

  4. Controls through well defined processes

    NJ Wealth takes governance, compliance and risk management as equally important business areas in addition to customer solutions and operational excellence. The culture at NJ has evolved over the years to be strong policy, process and systems oriented. We have put strong internal controls and monitoring mechanisms in place on one hand, while removed people dependency and automised processes on the other. We continue to evolve our controls and processes to mitigate business risks, offer standard services, enhance productivity and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

  5. Access to multiple products, single window solutions

    NJ provides easy access to a wide range of financial and non-financial products in diverse asset classes. The products are available to the customers of NJ Partners. The product basket available includes all mutual funds schemes; direct equity, ETFs, PMS and fixed income products like banks, NCDs, Company Deposits, and real estate properties. In addition to products, NJ also offers the services of Demat and Trading account with online and Call & Transact facility and also mobile trading service in mutual funds. The product & service basket is enough to meet the needs and build the entire portfolio for any retail, HNI or corporate client.

  6. Wide reach across India

    Access to NJ branch is never very far with presence at 94 branches in 21 states. Further, internal systems at NJ provide the freedom for any Partner and/or Client to transact from across all the branches of NJ. Clients can also approach NJ for any assistance/transaction in absence of their Partners at any of our branches.