Jigisha Shah - Ahmedabad | Partner
As we all know "Time is Money" and "Knowledge is Power" and that is what NJ helps us achieve. It saves our time and energy from doing all clerical works and also enhances our knowledge and make it up to date through seminars, meetings, trainings and motivational programs.
Raaj Ramchand - Chennai | Partner
Straight & simple from my heart... My journey with NJ started in 2008. Today I honestly feel that NJ is not a mere Platform but an university /a school of thought unique in the industry. I say this is for 2 reason's
  1. NJ helped me to confidently speak from my heart and share the truth with investors and speak on both sides of the coin. I am able to face customers even in bad times because of this and they remain loyal to me.
  2. The regular trainings and Partners NJ meets helps me understand the broader picture of the industry. I am happy that just by attending these meets regularly, I don't get defocussed & continue to grow. Had it not been for NJ, I would have left the mutual fund industry long back but instead I am happily growing my business today.
S. Venkatasubramanian - Mumbai | Partner
In today's cut-throat world, NJ stands out for doing business- ethically, legally and above all in the interest of its customers. NJ's motto "Creating Wealth for its customers" says it all. I am indeed fortunate to be associated with NJ. The training, customer care and the strong technology support is a great boon and has enabled me understand the products and recommend suitable investments to my clients. I am proud be be associated with NJ.
Devang Shah - Vadodara | Partner
I, Devang Shah, partner of NJ since August, 2004. NJ is a well organized disciplined, visionary and technology based organization. Because of this technological platform my value increased among my clients. I really salute to NJ Management and NJ team for their efforts to educate the Partners by giving training from highly experienced professionals. NJ is the role model for the mutual fund industry. I feel proud to be the Partner with NJ. I really wish them for more and more success.
Rajedra Adya - Vadodara | Partner

I am associated as NJ Partner for over 7 years. My experience with NJ is extra-ordinary because it is a one stop solution for me and therefore, I am able to reciprocate the same with my clients too, giving them the right kind of solutions without any kind of problems and reservations.

On the NJ Wealth Distributors Network platform, I presume NJ is and will always be many steps ahead in the industry and that no one can even think of it at thier scale. I believe in their great vision and conviction for a bright future of this Industry. NJ Wealth is "A Total Solution Platform" for financial product distributors in India wherein you have everything you need. With the help and support from Team NJ I could reach to a respectable state which I have dreamt of and this, I feel, is just the beginning.

I thank Team NJ for giving me such a powerful platform and the kind of support I received and expect even more in future for fulfilling the common goals of Wealth Creation. Here, I can say that at NJ, sky is the limit for earning, learning and fulfilling one's dreams... My Best Wishes to Team NJ for a wonderful future