Distributor Platform

Welcome to NJ Wealth Distributors Platform.

The NJ Wealth platform delivers enormous value to the on-board distributors, known as NJ Wealth Partners, empowering them with all the essential tools & services to run scalable, successful and a highly professional distribution practice.

The NJ Wealth Distributors Platform seeks to address the challenges and demands of the business while being ready to seize on the opportunities available. Driven by the power of the 360° platform, the distributors enjoy an unparalleled advantage against competition of any scale, and offer great choice of products and value-added services to their customers. NJ Wealth Distributor Platform presents a very compelling win-win proposition for advisors and distributors alike and also for their clients.

We welcome all to experience the NJ Wealth Distributors Platform.

  1. Choice of Products

  2. Cutting-edge Technology Solutions

  3. Efficient Operations and Customer Care Service

  4. Comprehensive Marketing Support

  5. In-depth Training & Research Support

  6. Scientific Business Guidance with RM

  1. Choice of Products & Services

    To be a successful financial products distributor, a rich product basket is the first starting point. NJ is a registered member of NSE and BSE, and a Depository Participant with CDSL, offering a wide range of financial products and services. The customers of NJ Wealth Partners enjoy a wide choice of investment opportunities in diverse products and asset classes. The cross-distribution of products enables the Partners to build a deeper and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

    The product basket at NJ comprises of:

    • Units of publicly traded Mutual Funds schemes in India
    • Capital Market: Direct Equity Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    • Fixed Income products – NCDs, Bonds, CDs of leading companies / institutions
    • PMS products of NJ Advisory Services and other leading PMS providers
    • Real Estate – Exclusive projects of NJ Realty & other projects of leading developers in India

    NJ E-Wealth A/c service
    NJ Wealth Partners get benefitted immensely as there are multiple modes through which the customer can directly invest, once the subscription to NJ E-Wealth A/c is made. This reduces the time and effort of placing a transaction, helping the Partner to enhance his servicing (customer handling) capacity.

    Multiple modes of transactions available to customers of NJ Partners -
    • Online (Demat Mode only)
    • Call & Transact (Demat Mode only)
    • Offline (Demat /Non Demat)
  2. Cutting-edge Technology Solutions

    One of the key differentiators for NJ Wealth is the power of technology, arguably unmatched in industry today. The customised solutions, developed in-house by IT team, cater to the many specific needs of the financial products distribution practice, both for the investors and distributors.

    Online desk solutions with mobile platforms
    • NJ Client Desk: comprehensive, family wealth management solution for clients/investors of NJ Wealth Partners
    • NJ Wealth Partners Desk: complete business management platform for distribution practice for NJ Wealth Partners
    • NJ E-Wealth A/c: online transaction desks in mutual funds for subscribers of NJ E-Wealth A/c service
  3. Efficient Operations and Customer Care Service:

    Quality delivery standards and timely resolution of queries is very crucial for winning the trust and comfort of customers. With its rich experience, expertise and years of continued focus on development of processes & systems, NJ Wealth has managed to build operational, delivery and service quality standards that are unmatched in the industry. The NJ Wealth Partners and their customers are greatly benefitted with this excellence in many ways.

    NJ also has a dedicated NJ Customer Care for identification and quick resolution of queries within defined TAT for NJ Wealth Partners. NJ's Customer Care capabilities are among the most mature in the industry with features of auto-query posting, auto-resolution, integration with third parties and predictive capabilities. The service gives the NJ Wealth Partner the freedom to focus on growing the business rather than spending time on query resolution and servicing.

  4. Comprehensive Marketing Support

    NJ has a unique online service of BizMall – a virtual shop, which offers end-to-end marketing solutions for promoting sales, creating brand and developing distribution business. The support services on offer include branding support, regular publications support, e-communications support and event management support. NJ BizMall offers online paymenttracking system with door-step delivery of high quality branding and marketing resources.

  5. In-depth Training & Research Support

    Training is an essential part of the distribution practice, and NJ keeps it well under focus through regular training on business practices and products. NJ Gurukul, an NJ Group entitiy, offers training programmes and certification courses including the prestigious CFPCM for NJ Partners. NJ Partners also have access to the research based publications which, combined with online Knowledge Desk and other tools, help the distributors to stay informed and updated on the products and happenings in the industry.

  6. Scientific Business Guidance with Relationship Manager

    NJ Wealth has an institutionalised and an automated, logical approach to sales management. Every NJ Wealth Partner is evaluated scientifically on multiple business parameters including business, services standards, awareness, etc on a monthly frequency. A system driven process then directs the dedicated Relationship Manager to concentrate and work upon areas of improvement without any scope for subjectivity and biasness. The Relationship Manager also engages with Partners on a day-to-day basis for business support and guidance.